This online course took place during Fall 2016. If you are interested in having this course offered for your staff, please contact to discuss.


This six-week learning experience is designed for public health practitioners with the goal of promoting better health outcomes with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) populations. The course is being facilitated by Jennifer Woodard, via bi-directional video.  Each of the learning experience’s six sessions explores the multiple facets of cultural competence when interacting with LGBTQ individuals, their families and the community.

A principle aim of this learning experience is to maximize participants’ engagement with the instructional materials, but also with one another.  This will be accomplished through the use of recorded lectures, videos, online discussions, video-conferencing, personal reflections, and additional (optional) resources for diving deeper into the subject matter. 

Participation in this Learning Community will enable you to:

  • ​Give examples of their own individual bias’s and assumptions about LGBTQ people and identify ways to manage them in a professional environment. 

  • Develop a personal dictionary of terms to improve their fluency and comfort with the evolving terminology and concepts relating to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

  • Describe the health consequences of bias and discrimination.

  • Summarize LGBT health disparities.

  • Analyze a set of tools to make work environments inclusive and inviting to LGBTQ people.

  • Set individual goals for increasing the inclusivity and welcoming atmospheres in their work environments and/or communities.

  • Recognize the unique needs of LGBTQ populations and contribute to a public health system that is strategically capable of responding to those needs.


12-1pm MT on the following dates:

  • Session 1 – October 4: Introduction to the Learning Experience
  • Session 2 – October 11: Why LGBTQ Competence? Isn't everyone the same?
  • Session 3 – October 18: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Health and Public Health Practice
  • Session 4 – October 25: LGBT Youth and Transgender Health and Practice
  • Session 5 – November 1: Individual Bias: What we each bring to the table
  • Session 6 – November 8: Becoming an Ally and Creating Inclusive and Welcoming Environments for LGBTQ patients, clients and communities

Registration in this course includes 2 steps:

1)    Submit your contact information (on the top right of this page)

2)    Complete an online application (link provided in an email you receive after you register). 

Following completion of both steps, you will then be contacted with further course information.