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Leading Improvement Projects Live Learning Session – Process Mapping & Root Cause Analysis


Join colleagues for additional practice activities and discussion that build from the online content in the LEAN Problem Solving module of the Leading Improvement Projects online toolkit. This live learning session will be held via video (using Zoom), facilitated by an expert in leading QI projects, and will be highly interactive.

During this session, we will:

  1. Review the concepts taught in the LEAN Problem Solving module to allow participants to ask questions and obtain clarification on any confusing sections.

  2. Review and discuss the process maps that were created as homework.

  3. Discuss how to guide a group towards finding waste in a process map.

  4. Practice the 5 Whys tool as a way to find root causes in small groups.

  5. Provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities to talk about the case study (onboarding).


Tuesday, December 12th  from 12:30-2:00pm Mountain Time


Prior to attending this Live Learning Session, please complete the homework.

The homework for this module is to complete a process map with a small group in your agency. You can use the case study we have been working on, regarding onboarding, or choose another process that would be meaningful to look at. This will help you practice the facilitation skills for process mapping and give you that needed visual of the process that will then be used for identifying waste and finding root causes.

You will need to submit a picture of your process map to the discussion board in the online toolkit to show you have completed the homework. In the Live Learning Session, we’ll review the process maps that were submitted for homework and then practice root cause analysis and the 5 Whys in small groups.

You will need this completed in order to attend the Live Learning Session.

Additional Information:

You will join this live learning session via video. This can be done from a computer with a webcam, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. You can test your Zoom connection here. All participants and the facilitator will be on camera. This is a requirement of the live learning session and helps ensure we have an engaging and productive discussion. Check Canvas for office hours.