Project TEACH provided targeted training, technical assistance and support to community based organizations involved in projects that improve health care access and promote healthy living among underserved populations.

Specific topic areas included in the Project TEACH training included:

  • Health Disparities Data
  • Cultural Competence:
  • Community Engagement
  • Finding and Adapting Evidence-based Interventions
  • Evaluation
  • Grant Writing
  • Access to Healthcare

Funding for Project TEACH ended in 2012.  Program material are included on this website as resources for community-based organizations.

For more information please e-mail:
Project Director: Angela Sauaia, MD, PhD

Project TEACH Evaluation

Project TEACH Evaluation Results

Project TEACH Distance Learning

Click Project TEACH Workshop Modules to view recorded presentations.

Project TEACH Workshop Presentations

·         Overview of Project TEACH

·         Introduction to Logic Models

·         Health Data in your Region

·         Social Determinants of Health

·         Community Engagement

·         Succession Planning and Sustainability

·         Evidence Based Interventions

·         Program Evaluation

·         Evidence Based Medicine vs. Evidence Based Public Health


·         Project TEACH Invitation

·         Resource List

·         Sample Budget Justification

·         Sample Line Item Budget Spreadsheet

·         Letter of Support Template

·         Memorandum of Understanding Template