9Health Fair Online Education Courses


- Funded by a grant from the Colorado Trust -

Your Role is Vital to 9Health Fair!

Have you ever wondered what barriers your community is facing when it comes to access to health? Maybe you, your family or your neighbor may be struggling to find resources for health related issues. Here is your opportunity to get some insight into the barriers we are facing as communities. 

Interested in learning more about Health and the Health of Coloradans?

9Health Fair has partnered with the Colorado School of Public Health to create two eLearning Opportunities for you. 

COURSE 1: Improving Access to Health In Colorado looks at the health of people in Colorado, Colorado’s health disparities, how screening improves health outcomes, and ways you can improve access to health in Colorado.

  • Health of people in Colorado
  • Factors that affect our health
  • Important role of health screening in finding disease and improving health outcomes
  • Ways you can improve access to health and healthcare

COURSE 2: Taking Action to Improve Health in Colorado will educate about heart disease and diabetes, two preventable diseases that are leading causes of death. You will also learn about several hot health topics and the Affordable Care Act. You will also learn ways to Do More for your health and the health of others in your community

  • Heart Disease
  • Gluten Sensitivity
  • Diabetes
  • Hot Health Topics (Cholesterol, Hep C, Celiac, Obesity, Smoking, Cancer Screening, and more)
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Do More and Learn More