Grant Writing Training Modules

Source: Colorado School of Public Health, Center for Public Health Practice

Length: 2 hours

Description: A series of training modules were developed for people intending to apply for funding to support tobacco prevention, chronic disease, and health disparities-related efforts in their communities.  Information included in the modules is appropriate for anyone seeking to increase their grant writing knowledge and skills.  Modules focus on:  Pre-work Before Writing, Common Elements of an Application, Needs Statements and Narrative, Statements of Work, Evaluation, Budget, Infrastructure, Collaborations.


Building a Sustainable Indian Tribal Infrastructure for Translational Research

Source: University of Washington School of Nursing

Length: 4 hours

Description:  The University of Washington has developed a series of training videos designed to assist American Indian and Alaska Native physicians, tribal health clinics, and tribal grant writers in applying for grant opportunities. Modules include writing statement of needs, writing goals and objectives, preparing budgets, planning and submitting for federal grants, and challenges that tribes may experience when applying for grant money.