Community Project Development

The role of the Center for Public Health Practice Community Project Development program is to foster excellence in public health practice by building community and organizational capacity of state and local health agencies and community based organizations in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

Community project development offers competency-based, individualized consultation to meet the unique needs of programs in order to effectively implement proposed projects/activities. The program provides services that emphasize the following primary eight domains:

  • Analytic assessment
  • Policy development and program planning
  • Communication
  • Cultural competency
  • Community dimensions of practice
  • Basic public health sciences
  • Financial planning and management
  • Leadership and systems thinking

These domains were developed by the council on linkages.  To learn more visit

Type of Services Provided To Individuals and Agencies:

  • Consultation
  • Coaching
  • Linkages
  • Information/Resource Sharing

If you would like to work with the Center, need consultation services or have questions, please contact a Community Project Development Coordinator:

Cerise Hunt, MSW
(303) 724-5459

Mariana Ledezma
(720) 275-0471