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Live Stories - The Opioid Epidemic: Free Report by County

RMPHTC Region VIII Resources

Drug Overdose

Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Colorado Department of Health and Environment: Prescription drug overdose prevention

Tri-County Health Department: Opioid Crisis

  • Data and Resource Web Maps

  • What Can We Do Right Now?

  • Community Facts​

Wyoming Department of Health: Opioid Information

Utah Department of Health: Prescription Drug Overdoses

  • Prescription Drug Overdoses and Health Care Providers

  • Opiate Overdose Outreach Pilot Program

  • Preventing Prescription Drug Overdoses

  • Prescription Drug Overdose Resources​

South Dakota Department of Health: Prescription Opioid Abuse Prevention Initiative

  • Strategic Plan​

North Dakota Prevention Resource & Media Center

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services: Opioid Overdose Prevention

News from the University of Colorado

Researchers use health data to predict who will use opioids after hospitalization - Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus are working to develop statistical models to better predict which patients will be prescribed opioid medications long-term following discharge from a hospital stay.

CU, VA researchers explore barriers to reducing opioid use for pain - Study finds support from family, health care providers crucial

CU Boulder study: Narcotic painkillers cause chronic pain - Three-month study of lab rats shows morphine use increases pain signals from the spinal cord

Opioids, obesity—not 'despair deaths'—raising mortality rates for whites

Physicians turn to technology to combat opioid epidemic - Pilot project at CU Anschutz makes state prescription database more accessible for doctors

CU Denver begins Valley opioid study

Training & Resources Curated by Region III – Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center

North Central Regional Center for Rural Development - Combating Opioids Webinar Series

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