Practice-Based Learning at the Colorado School of Public Health

Practice-Based Learning Match SiteThe Colorado School of Public Health is committed to providing students with practical insight and experience in public health settings.  The Center for Public Health Practice’s Practice-Based Learning program serves as a cornerstone for providing these experiences.  Practice-Based Learning focuses on activities where students work collaboratively with community partners in various public health settings.

We encourage students to become actively involved in public health projects through four major areas of practice-based learning: volunteerism, independent study, practicum and the capstone project.

What is Practice-Based Learning?

Practice-Based Learning combines the current and innovative educational curriculum of the school’s academic degree programs with “real world” experiences facilitated by the center.  Colorado School of Public Health students apply classroom lessons in the context of solving the current public health issues facing our communities. Throughout the program, students network with potential employers, develop essential career-building skills, and start the process of life-long learning and professional development.

Practice-Based Learning Resources


Current students are encouraged to work with the MPH Practicum Coordinator and their academic faculty advisors to identify opportunities for practice-based learning.  Many students focus on the practicum, but several additional opportunities and resources are available for current students looking to build professional skills and apply their knowledge in the community.
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Community Partners

Whether you currently working with a student or are looking for student involvement in your program, contact the Practicum Coordinator for access to resources, information and frequently asked questions.
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Colorado School of Public Health faculty are committed to increasing the quality of the student academic experience.  For many faculty, Practice-Based Learning is one way to enhance the academic experience of students.
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