Community Partners

MPH Practicum

The goal of the practicum is to help grow the student personally and professional for a career in the field of public health. The experience is intended to provide students with an opportunity to develop professional skills in a public health setting while contributing to the needs of an organization. The school recognizes that this goal needs the support and commitment from community partners that are practicing public health in various settings. The primary responsibilities of a host site and preceptor are to:

  • Work with students to develop a realistic graduate level project within the practicum time commitment and student schedule
  • Provide the student with a background about the organization and project mentoring
  • Be available to meet with student, provide supervision, and mentoring
  • Provide resources for students to complete project (i.e. office space, computer, access to data)
  • Provide written feedback for the student and the school by completing evaluation forms midway through practicum (after 60 hours completed) and a final evaluation
  • Support students in professional development activities (i.e. include in staff meetings, introduce organizational leaders, invite to professional events)

The practicum experience has great value to the student’s professional growth.  We believe our students also provide added benefits to the host organization.

  • Students complete or conduct projects the organization may not have capacity to do
  • Students provide an inquisitive approach and may provide creative ideas and solutions
  • Students build professional capacity and may be recruited to become part of organization’s workforce
  • Organizations and preceptors have an impact on the field of public health by participating in the education of future professionals


Additional Community Partner Opportunities

If you are looking for other opportunities to work with the school, center or students please contact Practicum Coordinator, Dr. Jan Gascoigne at or 303.724.4456 to set up an appointment to discuss your interest or your needs.