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Attaining a Culture of QI and Working Toward PHAB Standards – Regardless of Accreditation Readiness

June 22 at 12:30-2:00 PM MT

Description:  Culture drives the policies, practices, and processes used to accomplish an organization’s work.  Local public health agencies (LPHAs) now recognize that a culture of quality improvement (QI) will allow LPHAs to actively improve their work processes to achieve sustainable success beyond historical norms.  LPHAs in Colorado are at many different levels or phases of attaining a culture of QI.  Some LPHAs have support and resources to attain national voluntary accreditation by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) and others are not in a position to consider going for accreditation. 

Regardless of QI culture or accreditation readiness, this 90-minute webinar will provide important insights and suggestions for LPHAs to better understand what it means to have a culture of QI and to apply PHAB standards to work processes.

Learning Objectives:

This training will provide an overview of QI (for those just starting out); and an overview of a QI project (including how to select one, components, and a few useful tools).  Learning objectives include being able to:

  • Describe what it means to work toward PHAB standards and which standards are specific to QI
  • Outline ways smaller and/or rural LPHAs can incorporate a QI Council and QI work into groups they already have given limited personnel
  • Describe important documentation to create and maintain to support a culture of QI and PHAB standards

Target Audience:

This webinar is targeted to smaller and/or rural LPHAs in Colorado, especially those just beginning to utilize QI principles, however staff from any LPHA in Colorado may attend.