The Tobacco Control Technical Assistance Team at the Colorado School of Public Health recently facilitated three Coalition 2.0 training sessions in Frisco, Thornton and Pueblo.  This full-day training was designed to support the work of Amendment 35 grantees across the state, and offered a fresh perspective on mobilizing communities for environmental, systems, and policy change.

The training format was interactive and collaborative, and engaged participants in sharing ideas and strategies to effectively advance local coalition work. Feedback from participants included “I found this training to be productive. Hearing from other local health agencies helped me understand and resolve similar challenges,” “This was a very good training. I appreciated all of the great information and resources. Great presentation.”

In addition to the session activities, the training included relevant handouts and resources that can be used in local communities to strategically build a policy coalition. These resources address topics such as: knowing your local government and policy landscape, operationalizing your policy coalition, engaging youth in policy efforts, community power mapping and stakeholder analysis.