The Colorado School of Public Health, Center for Public Health Practice, Colorado Children’s Health Access Program, Aurora Health Access, and Children’s Hospital Colorado have partnered to organize stakeholders and service providers to develop, support, and implement a comprehensive plan to improve the health of children in North Aurora.

The initial phase in the planning process was a mixed-methods assessment, which included both qualitative and quantitative data, to measure the organizational capacities, health problems, risk factors, and perceptions about health care needs for children in North Aurora.

Data from the assessments were presented to stakeholders and community members during a public meeting on January 31st, 2013, where more than 75 attendees identified specific action steps to be further discussed develop an action plan 

A link to the report is available below and summarizes the findings from the needs assessment and the recommendations that emerged from the January 31st meeting.  For more information, please contact the Center for Public Health Practice